My New Non-Fiction Book:


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My Shenandoah paintings book
has enjoyed great popularity

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The Publisher's website has many interesting features related to the book.
If you buy a copy, send it to the studio, let me know,
and I will sign it and then ship it to you.  
It makes a great gift, but NOTE: This is a BIG book (weighs 6 lbs.!)

Here are some other works that you may enjoy by my author friends:

abe dawson earls of fairlington fiction
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Note: The Cover features a painting by Gallery Artist
Michael Francis

hofstra great valley road of virginia nonfiction
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ofstra planting of new virginia nonfiction
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liblong call to duty nonfiction
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pfoutz tree and shadow poetry
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ranbom king philips war poetry
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stewart around the world in eighty years poetry
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To order a copy:

stinson deadball fiction
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Dan Gellert


Larisa Pastuchiv-Martin, Dreaming

Larisa Pastuchiv-Martin, Christmas Joy


King Street Bluegrass
King Street Bluegrass
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